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Friday, July 16, 2010

3 Please beware of a VIRUS in our lovely Comic World !

Dear All Comic Lover Friends,

For the past 4-5 years I have been associated with you all through Internet and blogs .. and my definite objective is to carry forward my childhood passion of collecting IJCs and to share them with you all through the comic blogs...but i have been noticing that the way VIRUSES infect out body, mind and computers, there has been  VIRUS which has entered into our comic world and infecting us. 

The most important quality of this particular VIRUS is that even if it has any rivalry with you or not, it always tries to attack you. For the past sometime this VIRUS has been attacking me and possibly others too.

This attack is not only on my personal life but also on illogical issues which hardly concerns me and which are as follows:

1.  Whenever I have the talk of exchanging comics with anyone anywhere in India, this particular VIRUS warns them to be cautious during the deal.
2. He calls me a Drunkard.
3. He also calls me ugly and have a damaged face.
4. He also calls me foolish,selfish and unreliable, etc.
5. He says that I am responsible for the hike in the prices of the comics.
6. He says that I did not return his comics.
7. He also claims that he tore from his comics and gave me some front covers as a favour.

So friends, the VIRUS put above allegations on me and I would like to terminate it once and for all.

First of all let me tell you that after scanning this VIRUS microscopically, I failed to understand its nature and the characteristics.Sometimes I feel that he is a distorted and maniacal character of Alfred hitcock movie. Sometime he seems to me as a lethal poison.Sometimes a person who can go to any extent for money.

Secondly, let me respond to the above Viral attacks on me:

1.      Friends, for the past few years I have been dealing with some of the very people like Zaheer bhai, Mr.Vikram, Sudhanshu Ambiye, Mr. walker, and others. I have dealt with them in the past and you can ask anyone of them about my intentions, honestly and character.I have sent comic scans on Prabhat bhai's and Zaheer bhai's blog and did a small effort to share my collection with you all.You can speak to them about it too.

2.      yes, I drink. I am a 46 year old self-dependent person. I drink socially and occasionally and I am not an addict drunkard. NO ONE has the right to talk about my personal life with other and blame me for it.I am not a hypocrite.

3.      I will send you a scanned copy of my picture soon, you can then decide how I look...but it is completely meaningless how I look. let me tell you that I met this VIRUS once and I think he looked more like a PIG and also behaves like one. Unfortunately, he has 2 hands and 2 legs and so we have to call him a human being, otherwise he is no less than a PIG in any which ways.

4.      You can talk to anyone among our comic circle about this allegation.

5.      2 years ago someone sold me 70 comics @ 500/-.Even today some people are selling comics at very high prices which are some times beyond the reach of many, then I would like to know how am I responsible for hiking the rates.

6.      I gave # 11 IJC(you know its value) to someone without any condition and on his very own he gave 2 gold keys, which I never had any interest in nor i collect them.I accepted them as a courtesy. After sometime he started asking me to return them because he wanted to give them to someone and in return he wanted to take Hindi asterix and sell them to someone else.Is he not a comic broker and a VIRUS who is only after money?He is such a Virus who cannot tolerate other's profit, especially when someone has put in his hardwork and trying to get some profits from it (like Sameer and others).He wants to maintain his monopoly and tries to back bite everyone.

7.      Can you imagine that someone is so foolish that he will tear the front covers of his comics and give it to someone else, especially if he is such a selfish VIRUS who will not even give the dirt of his body for free? My friend Mr. walker will be giving me the front cover of a book because he has a spare cover only.

So my friends this is my humble request and a friendly warning to beware of such a VIRUS and think  twice before you give his scans a place on your blog and his emails in your mailbox.

One more thing, don't be in a misconception that if this VIRUS has attacked Anurag, then why should we care about it, coz sooner or later it will harm you too and that I am sure coz it had already harmed many.

Let me know if you can Identify that name of that VIRUS.

The creativity of some so called comics fans  has given me some  marketing lessons. Hoping some marketing professionals could find helpful.
 With regards,

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