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Sunday, March 28, 2010

20 026 - Veetal Ki Gashti Sena

Good News for IJC fans: Several bloogers are merging old Indrajal posts at and we'll continue there improving English IJC & providing new links of Hindi missing Indrajal.  In future IJC in more languages could be added.

Everyone, new/old blogger/contributor, who can work as team are most welcome, please don't wait for invitation only - you can contact yourself too. I've to ask some more bloggers,  from some waiting answers also.  We are going to open the new bog on 10th April 2010 at 10.04 AM (IST).    Please visit!
Today sharing one demanded Hindi IJC.

It's first came in life as the Sunday Strips #64 - The Founding of the Jungle Patrol ( 05 July 1964 to  24 Jan 1965)
Writer: Lee Falk
Artist: Barry 
IJC Cover: Govind Brahmania

Why this comic today. Because, it's one of those IJC which came on-line due to real team event.
  • The Physical Copy was provided by  Abhishek Asthana  
  • Scanned by  - Ajay Misra  
  • Missing pages 2,25 & 26 were scanned by Anurag Dixit 
  • But still 27th & 28th were missing. Thanks to Devil who posted C2C Bengali version (and with happiness allowed to use missing pages) I was able to find out 27th in English (number & month was changed using photoshop)  & 28th in Hindi from other Ajay's scans.
  •  Finally tried to improve quality as it was not in very good condition. Until today I had not given more hours to fix than this one. Hoping Ajay & Abhishek will enjoy this edited version also.
 Making of The Jungle Patrol was never a easier task.  :) You don't worry, enjoy!

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Quizzerix said...

Hi Munna
That's fantastic news. Please send me an invitation to

The Phantom Head (TPH) said...

All indrajals at one place, that's a terrific idea. I support it and offer my contributions, if you are willing.

Rafiq Raja said...

Thanks PBC, for another IJC HQ.

Ramanan & TPH, Welcome to the IJC loving fraternity. I hope PBC doesn't mind me being part of the Welcoming party. :)

PBC said...

@Quizzerix: Nice! I'll certainly invite you if wish to join as author. I'm pleasantly surprised. The first was Rafiq Raja. :)

PBC said...

@The Phantom Head (TPH): You are welcome! Glad to know your noble intentions. Today is a day of surprises only. :)
We'll like to know your views about the past, the present and the future of such project. If we all (rest members, I & you) would feel after healthy & friendly discussions , we could work as team - why not. Every single post is valuable. Can you catch me at gtalk?

PBC said...

@Rafiq Raja: I'm only happy to see you are active in this project as a real member. And it's your rights.

chaltaphirtapret said...

Munna Bhai,
Biggest suprprise of year 2010 - All Indrajal Comics at one place. Inclusion of Hindi Indrajal Comics is a remarkable move. I'll do whatever i can do to promote it. I will buy a scanner and then start scanning hindi ijc whatever i am having and send to you for editing. So, plz invite me as a member.

Vishal (Pret)

Quizzerix said...

I will definitely try my very best to contribute. I will post to the blog anything that I find is not there, which is very rare given yours and other IJC fans' enthusiasm :)
Looking forward to a fantastic blog and the invitation
Ramanan aka quizzerix

PBC said...

@chaltaphirtapret: Dear friend, amazing enthusiasm. :)

It's attempt to bring all Indrajal at one place FRIENDLY ONLY- WE ARE NOT GOING TO COPY & PASTE a post of other blogs who will not wish to join today- NEITHER THEIR LINK nor CLAIMING others scan (if really it’s scanned by others) as OWN. Ajay who as the contributor shared major part of IJC - is member himself. He wishes to see all his scans here due to some unhealthy practices ONLY. So major part will be under one roof, it's now an irreversible process. Rest we'll scan a new copy and post ourselves.

Who wish to be a contributor only, invitation is not required. A blog has limitation in number of the authors. For joining as author I'll send you a letter first in next 2-3 days giving all major points (fundamental principles), pls go through. Read carefully and we can discuss all points. More authors, more I'm happier only. The blog will be regular without my posts.

As you are not coming with your own old posts, it'll take 5 minutes to join. Hoping by next weekend I'll be able to complete major part of preparation. Till 9th April, you could also think, rethink & decide finally.

PBC said...

@Quizzerix: Madras is emerging as leader for Indrajal Comics in 1 day.Kudo! :)

Please read reply to chaltaphirtapret. I'm very hopeful all 3 who has shown desire, will be part of the big team, and can say proudly it's my blog.

Mr. Walker said...

thanks for the hindi version..

Krishna said...

Does water quench thirst? Sure!

Colonel Worobu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Colonel Worobu said...

Unable to post comments on the new blog. It opens up a preview window with a word verification but no button to submit the comment. The old style comment box which opened a popup was much better than these inline comment pages, which opens a new web page where you need to login, come back again to the original page, preview and click again to submit. Why make it so difficult? Let's go back to the old style comment popup box, please.

Colonel Worobu said...

Tried to copy paste the comment that I was not able to publish in the new blog here, but pasted some other text by mistake and had to delete the post.

I use firefox browser. Maybe IE or Opera will be better on the new site?

Rafiq Raja said...

Col. I use Firefox too, and don't see a problem. There were some loading issues, on IE, when the blog was started. But, it seems PBC has resolved them all.

And as far as the inbuilt comment window contains, yes I agree it's a little overhead, but for better SCO indexing, and one stop commenting (without popups, which are blocked by many corporate restrictions), I believe comment embedded is the way to go. But, as always the Grass is Greener on the Other side. ;)

PBC said...

@Colonel Worobu: For sometimes removed word verification. It was really problem for those who are not members. Bring back after fixing only.
Some starts freedom to misuse, only that's why word verification used.
Keep visiting.

PBC said...

@Rafiq Raja: It was really a problem. At present word verification is off. Check with other id.

There is one more problem, the thumbnails are not showing the covers. Rest who are using, are not facing it. Wrote to the designer.

If you know solution, pls help.

Raj Vardhan Varma said...

Good Work...done with excellence by you sincere good wishes to you all. I'll try to contribute as soon as I reach my hometown.

PBC said...

@Raj Vardhan Varma: Glad to know you like. Why want to contribute only, pls think about to join us as EQUAL PARTNER. Post whenever possible. Good guys are always required.

The beauty of this project: From 20+ authors; only 4-5 persons posts once a month at least, show is going on effectively. No limitation for max.

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