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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

14 114 - Pachasnvi Rani (Hindi) & some more covers

This comic is originally the Daily Strip #79 - The 50th Wife (31-Oct-1960  to  25-Feb-1961) by artist McCoy. I wonder how many times Diana Palmer  was kidnapped. This time for becoming the 50th wife of King Ban. :) 
Have a look at some next coming Hindi new versions. Mostly are cover to cover, some missing pages hoping to receive soon. Some issues need  photoshop repairing, so it may take sometime to post. If you wish to read any at priority basis, let me know.
These are not all, many more are coming. Keep visiting.

Download IJC here:

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It's an Ajay's contribution. Hoping you'll like this comic.


Mo said...

Awesome site, marvelous post. Keep it going.


Rakesh Saxena said... made my day

PBC said...

@Mo: Welcome! Our attempt is to share as much we can with help of friendly persons.
Keep visiting.

PBC said...

@Rakesh Saxena: Welcome! If you wish any of 16 let me know.

Rakesh Saxena said...

No 6 and 26 :)

PBC said...

@Rakesh Saxena: OK, my next post will be #6, it has all pages. If receive 3 missing pages of #26, after that #26.

Rakesh Saxena said...

Thanks a ton...

Rafiq Raja said...

Thanks for another IJC Hindi HQ, Prabhat. The cleaning job is pretty perfect, than it was earlier. Seems you are improving day by day, long way for me to catch up bro :)

The other Hindi IJC covers are making the wait worthy. Thanks to Ajay for sharng these treasure, as always.


PBC said...

@Rafiq Raja: Thanks! Searching short way to optimize time. This time at many pages used colouring balloons, than manually using for every panel B&W tool. Cheated a little. :)

Still there is big gape with known master contributors, need to improve a lot to be at par with them. I feel.

Now half steps auto & half manual. Now some sets are ready for different type of pages quality. Let see. :))

As discussed with Ajay, and you are also saying, will try to provide little lower but better & cover to cover versions. Among 16 Hindi, 12 are complete, some need heavy repairing. Hoping will like next posts also.

And it's my plan, rest friends will also post, hoping, visitors will have opportunity to visit several times a month.

IUnknown said...

@PBC,Rafiq Raja: Which tools and techniques are you using for cleaning? Maybe we can standardize :), By the way thanks for this post. Very good cleaning job.
@Others: Watch out for this weekend I got a Verrrry unusual comics to post on Books & Comics.

PBC said...

@IUnknown: What I know certainly share with you.

Old Man Mozz said...

Hi Prabhat,

Thanks again.

PBC said...

@Old Man Mozz: You are welcome, buddy!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for doing such a marvelous job or I should service for the people who love to read comics. I think you have removed 'Gashti Sena', Pachsvin Rani', 'Sunahri Rajkumari', 'Heere Ka Pyala', etc from mediafire. please upload them again, if no problem.

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