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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

8 006 - Chakra Panthiyon Se Muthbher

It's originally the Sunday Strip #41 - The Crescent Cult (10-Apr-1955 to  07-Aug-1955) by McCoy which was printed in Indrajal comics as English tittle  "The Lunar Cult".
Now a days, finding out such early numbers of Indrajal with all pages in good condition is not easy task.  Many thanks to Abhishek Asthana who is supporting us providing his physical copies for scanning & Ajay Misra as always for scanning.
I'm not a photoshop professional, tried to make it better  to preserve it for future  as I understand there is very rare chances we can get better copies. This time I am saying about it, because I wish you criticized what you didn't like in these scans, it'll help me to make better mostly future posts.
74 years ago on February 17, 1936, the Phantom was first introduced to the world in a daily strip with the story "The Singh Brotherhood" AS GROWN UP person, but we say his birthday. OK, Happy Birthday  Dear Phantom & Fans! :))

Hoping you'll like this Cover to cover version.

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If you wish to see original scans, here this comic but in small size: Original


Rafiq Raja said...

Thanks for another HQ, Prabhat, Ajay and Abishek. Wonder the cover arts used those times, filled with red, yellow, and blue in the background in contrasting style, grabbing the attention.

Nowadays the advent of technologies have made it more soothing to eyes, but still those covers ruled. Another GB special.

PBC said...

@Rafiq Raja: Old is gold. :)

praveen said...

a lot for this fantabulous comic.
Story is so simple and innocent.
As usual he deals with them with the perfect planning----i.e. ensure
the safety (of the queen)first and then tackle the problems one by one
Frankly speaking I couldn't find any lacuna which I can criticize in
the preparation of the post. It will be injustice on my part to point
some minor defects on the panel nos. 7 & 11 which are unavoidable
if one wants to enjoy such an old comic.
I congratulate Abhishek Asthana for being the proud owner of the hard
copy and also Ajay Misra for using his expertise of scanning this gem
so perfectly for us to enjoy.
I ma eagerly waiting for more cover to cover wonders in high resolution.
Tonnes of thanks.
Best Regards

PBC said...

@praveen: Thank you very much for valuable feedback. I'll try to minimize faults in next coming #26 which last 2 ad. pages (27th, 28th page) still not available.

There is good news: Hindi #84 & #104 are also coming as C2C version.

Agree with your opinion about story. The value of such short story has more increased by rarity of early colourful Indrajal.

We will try to share as much we can. Long way to go, journey has just started. Keep visiting.

Mo said...

Thanks for a great effort on this comic. I love the early versions of these comics.

Old Man Mozz said...

thanks for another great HR post...

like Praveen's analysis as well.

PBC said...

@Mo: These are such rare gems,worth fixing and sharing one than 10-15 more easily available later versions, which I could.

PBC said...

@Old Man Mozz: for me 2nd round is just started, not the series is completed. I'll try my best as I came to blogging to just hung around IJC posts of others, but...

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