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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

12 023 - Jadugarni Ki Maya

This comic first came in life as Sunday Strip #16- The Scarlet Sorceress (11 Aug 1946- 22 Dec 1946).

Comic artists (source: Ray Moore and Wilson McCoy

I had already posted a Hindi version by Anurag at BC. Thanks to Abhishek Asthana who provided this comics and Ajay, today sharing this NEW C2C version. Many more Hindi Indrajal are provided by Abhishek and scanned by Ajay. Cleaning and trying to make C2C version, if needed  with help of Anurag and others. Many more are coming soon.
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Anonymous said...

More than a cargo - load of thanks.
My best wishes.
P.S.-- Is it possible to post IJCs in English and Hindi HQ side by side in one post ? Thanks in advance.

AJAY said...

@Rakesh: It is not possible as the persons who have almost all these are not sharing with anyone , not scanning so whatever comes , pl read that version for timebeing . Hindi ones are almost impossible . This is the courtsey of Abhishek Ashtana to lend this comic. One good news , he is going to give me so many other old comics to scan & share .
I give him credit as we never met physically , I really appreciate the feelings & faith in me to lend his oldest comics to me .

AJAY said...

I meant personally .

Rafiq Raja said...

Thanks to A3 (Ajay, Abishek, Anurag) and Prabhat, for enriching our digital collection with one more Hindi HQ IJC.

You guys are stronger than ever in sharing, and I am happier than ever in reading them. Thanks guys, and look forward for more :)

Jai said...

Thanks Munnabhai and company.
Belated though, here is a very happy new year 2010 to you all.
New year for me came with a bit of bad luck.
Unable to open any blogspot sites on my IE8.
It seems as windows treat the blogspot sites as security threats,
(seems possible for various reasons). Anyway searching the net for solutions.
Your suggestions also welcome.
(was able to access some sites through Google reader!!).
Thanks for this comic.

Mr. Walker said...

thanks for the comic..great effort..but i would like to have this comic in bengali version..since nobody has this comic in bengali version..i mean neither me, sagnik/devil..

i really do wonder what was its name in bengali?will b glad enough anybody can help me..atleast with its name..

Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

@Rakesh: If we were posting old scans, it was possible. :))
Really, it's difficult task to arrange a good copy of Indrajal in both languages. Whenever possible, certainly post.
Keep visiting!

Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

@AJAY: Thanks! May be they were busy, may be lost interest.
Sometimes we were blamed for flooding also.
According to me, a real Indrajal fan should not be like the mushroom which could disappear after heavy rain.
We are thankful to everyone who in real scanned or launch a new scan or improved the quality. We don't hesitate to accept it publicly.

Let try to do what we can. Now a days, it's more difficult to find time for posting. However, I'll post as much as you or others can provide.

Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

@Rafiq Raja: Bhai, Joy increases and sorrow decreases, when it shared. We are just following this simple principle. Have a good time & be ready for several Indrajal Comics. :)

Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

@Jai: Welcome! Let this year ends well for you, you should able to forget all early troubles!

Recommend shifting to any of following browser-
Opera or Mozilla or Flock. In last 3 years, I opened IE less than 20 times.

If you wish to continue at IE, pls check security and unblock it. Just installed IE8 & checked. At my computer is opening through IE8.

Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

@Mr. Walker: Does it name not available in the new list by Devil? If it was printed in Bengali, one day you'll certainly find. Understand your eagerness, just wait. :)

And keep up sharing Indrajal as much you can - not more, not less. You know, I'm thankful for every Indrajal.

Not the quantity, but the attitude is important. Isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Please update the link

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