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Monday, January 18, 2010

17 226 - Gigantic Octopus

 An interesting comic. Mandrake destroys seventh arm of the gang 8.

226-1975-Mandrake-Gigantic Octopus - C2C

Image and video hosting by TinyPic   Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It's scanned by Ajay Misra.


Colonel Worobu said...

Me the first. Thank you Ajay and Prabhat!

Vedha said...

me the second.

thanks to the team we are reading this in HQ.

Thanks Prabhat and Ajay.

Quizzerix said...

Me the third :)

Gracias to Ajay and Munna



Rafiq Raja said...

Thanks for another HQ Prabhat, & Ajay.

Mandrake's biggest rival the Gang 8 used to be such a fascinating villians group back during those days, when I cherished reading Mandrake adventure.

The occult status of the secret group, the unmasked leader, HQs spread throughout the world... what a fascinating idea. Falk's brilliance on the show once again.

By the way, I am not going to join the race to podium finish. :) So let other enjoy the limelight... hehehhee :)

Krishna said...

Me the 5th! Next time I will be first! great blog and post! Long live Mandrake! The best ones are the earlier ones like the giant toothache, the giant termites- great stories-

PBC said...

@Colonel Worobu: Yes brother, today the first place goes to you.

PBC said...

@Vedha: Today you are second. Keep visiting, we are going to share many more.

PBC said...

@Quizzerix: Today's Bronze medal holder is you. :))

PBC said...

@Rafiq Raja: Don't loose heart brother, we are like Indian Olympic team. Participates in almost all games and rarely gets medal. It's the real spirit of Olympic- participation , not medals. :))

And you are among those who generally picks Gold medal, not only here, but at several blogs. :))

PBC said...

@Krishna ji: As you and Rafiq said, Falk was unmatchable genius.

From Abhishek Ajay has received several early Indrajal in Hindi, so the ratio of Hindi could be increased for sometimes.

AJAY said...

Hello Friends ! I just agree with all of you that stories of "8" were excellent but its unknown leader turn out to be Lucifer which I did not like , no idea whatv about others .

Rafiq Raja said...

Yeap, that was a disappointment...for me 2 Ajay. But I guess Falk would have imagined and reimagined his story plots more than once, and would have thought Lucifer fit the bill for 8 leader. We having expected it for such a long time, might have felt that it didn't do the justification properly. Still it was a worthwhile journey to know of the leader finally. :)

PBC said...

@AJAY & Rafiq Raja: I'm also disappointed with this end. I always imagined about 2 different characters. The style of Lucifer was different from the leader of 8.

IUnknown said...

Hushh, Looks like I won't even get Plastic medal here. Thanks anyway.

IUnknown said...

@PBC: I was disappointed also but somehow I suspected it. If you see IJC v24 n15. At the end Mandrake says about an 8 agent "..Facing Death.. ..Afraid of Octon.. Sounds like post hypnotic conditioning" this somehow suggested about Lucifer.

PBC said...

@IUnknown: The certificate for participation in this Olympic certainly you'll receive. :))
All gangsters were always afraid of his boss. You guessed,so you was little prepared, for us it was unexpected end.

Old Man Mozz said...

Thanks Prabhat & Ajay for this excellent quality comic......

I have the "Indian Olympic Spirit" - good to participate and not win the medal.

I do not know whether I was disappointed to know Cobra being the head of 8 but I had always imagined that it could somehow I would say when the secret was out it was like ok.

On the other hand there was no known character that would have fitted the bill but it could have been someone completely and they could have matched wits together. It would have been great if it was his father Basil who did not realize that Mandrake was his son....a la Star Wars

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