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Saturday, January 16, 2010

14 190 - Hypnotic Beast

No idea about the number of strip & artist.

However a nice story. This comic is dedicated to  all regular visitors. Enjoy!

190 - 1973 - Mandrake - Hypnotic Beast (C2C)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It's contributed by Ajay Misra.


Old Man Mozz said...

Again first to comment - this is a nice story. Thanks for the better resolution.

I am overwhelmed by the response to my request for Garth strip by Frank Bellamy. Eagerly awaiting...


Old Man Mozz said...

Hi Prabath,

I have the 3 mentioned at the top - from your posts over time but I do not have the ones below

Garth - The Captive.cbz
Garth - The Doomsmen.cbz
Garth - The Gold of Ragnarock(Fixed)(PeteThePIPster).cbz
Garth In Space (PeteThePIPster).cbz
PREVIEW Garth 001 - The Story of Garth the Strong.cbz

Also wanted to know how people send you the comics - is it via email ?

Old Man Mozz said...

Hi Ajay,

I have just moved my comments into this post....

How do you get the Frew - do you subscribe and if so can you give me the details then I could do it also...The last time I checked Frew does not ship it across and had to get in contact with a comic dealer or newsagent...

I also remember you mentioned that you had Aussie friends who exchanged for the IJC but will they be able to send the comics also or find a contact who could?

PBC said...

@Old Mozz: I'll upload and post those very soon. But not sure who is(are) artists.

Generally people upload at mediafire and sends me link by e-mail. Venkit & Ajnaabi use premium Rapidshare, so .....

AND, Ajay sends me every page due to light and net speed problem. You can guess 32 (or more) pages attaching manually - size 0.6 to 2 MB.....:))

And I myself upload at mediafire, if cleaned or other links. Some friends request to not post their mediafire link, then also re upload.

Colonel Worobu said...

Ajay is really very dedicated. Scanning itself is a tough task, and sending page by page via email must be painful. I really appreciate his efforts even more now that I know this. Thank you Ajay!


Quizzerix said...

Hi Prabhat
Thanks a lot

Quizzerix said...

Hi Prabhat
Just wanted to know if you have the links or URL of the site from where we can download Frew Comics.

At the moment I am intersested in Frew# 1209 (50th Anniversary) and 1518 (60th anniversary) issues.
Please advise

AJAY said...

Old Man Mozz : I used to get my FREW comics thru friends only . I am very thankful to them for all their help provided to me . What is my basic funda to make friends wth outside India , you have to be very liberal & honest if you want any particular comics from them & have a good relatioship in long run .

I have seen people want to give same number of comics in return or other heroes in which others are not willing , I never belive in one time honeymoon only , it has to be on going process .

Due to some cheating by some of our friends , they are not showing much interest . To one person , I sent all mandrake comics published in Indrajal as well as Diamond comics . All staring from #46 onwards in a period of 4-5 yesrs so you can understand my willingness to help them .

I have marked that our friends will give them in very bad shape comics or even without cover so why to cheat anybody , be liberal & hinest in your dealings .
Will send one or two email ids to whom you can enuire if they are willing to have swap .


AJAY said...

Colonel Worobu : Thanks a lot for all your kind words .

PBC said...

@Ramanan: All frew available at net could be collected from here:

1.My Books & comics (major part- just check tag Frew)
2. Parishi's blog (Some)

P.S. Only one more Frew was posted by someone else. I'll send you link by email, don't remember blog.

Hoping you know these blogs. If not, pls check my blog roll.

Old Man Mozz said...

Thanks Ajay for the are absolutely right about honesty and trust being the backbone for any relationship. I am happy for you my friend that your friends also appreciate this about you.

I live outside of India and all my comic collection is in India and all my duplicates (not many) have been sold off to raddi long time back so nothing really with me to swap. I was more interested if I could subscribe to Frew and have them deliver it to where I live currently.

But THANKS for the help.

PBC said...

@Old Man Mozz: Pls check this link.

Think, many issues you can get directly & at fair cost.

Rafiq Raja said...

Prbhat & Ajay thanks for another IJC HQ with Mandrake. Any idea who was the Cover artist at this period? By the style of the work, it looks like Bahadur Aritst, but I recollect Brahmania'ji only using Painted works for IJC Covers... any light ?

Mozz: I too wanted to subscribe for Frew, but then was advised by some Phantomholics that not all Frew editions are top of the chart, and considering the shipping cost added to the annual subscription it means a lot of fortune. So, then I decided to go for swap concept, but as Ajay said the forefathers from our side who were on the biz, either had spoilt the environ, or the guys were reluctant to trade to newcomers.

So, I am keeping myself amused with these rare FREW scans, thanks to Ajay's untroubled friendship and dedicated work.

PBC said...

@Rafiq Raja: In this case, the cost could be reduced by buying several back issues at a time from an authentic shop, no need for yearly subscription.
It's sad some had spoiled the environment. As every person is not good who lives in same county as well as bad, every mature person understands. There is always hope.
If I'll have opportunity, I'll recommend Old Man Mozz & you. Pls wait.

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