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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

13 128 - The Criminal Team

Happy Republic Day To You all !!!

This is my 2nd post of the day and I would like to thank Prabhat for giving me this opportunity. Scanning and cleaning this comic was quite an experience and I was amazed when I compared the physical copy and final results.
Hoping you'll like this comics.


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PBC said...

@IUnknown: Wishing you and all a Very Happy Republic Day!

Dear, you should not thank me. We all should thank you for your selfless attitude to share priceless gems. I always consider contribution part the most important. I just wish to enjoy, not interested to collect credits which should go to you and people like like. That's why requested to post yourself. And it'll give my some free time to concentrate at other Indrajal, more books & comics. Together we could be more productive. Here you & other members are not only writers, but equal partners. Let do together what we can. Both blogs where you started posting are OURS, no more mine. I never considered these as mine as all achievements & falls we faced together with the contribution team. Now more authors will add new colours. After all we are here to share, not to get something in return.

Unlike other series where mostly comics came through forums & torrents, this blogger platform had shared mostly Indrajal at net. And It was a really team event. Many like me wish to get better quality scans, complete versions. As I was expecting, this year has started well. Not only several people had started posting, but ready to join hands.

The colour of Indrajal attracts all comics’ fans worldwide. Let together we replace several Indrajal low resolution scans.

Today I can make the visitors of this blog happier, not only you has joined but several. From now Parishi will also post Indrajal at this blog. We'll support her not only here, but in her blog also.

The doors are always open for every person who believes in team work and can work.

Colonel Worobu said...


Thank you for all the hard work you have put in to scan and post this wonderful comic. By the way where is the first post of yours for the day? Is it in a different blog?


Rakesh Saxena said...

In today's post PBC has shown his spiritual side. Beautiful.

Krishna said...

This is one of the good stories. tks to all !

IUnknown said...

@Colonel Worobu: First post is on Books & Comics if you haven't got that already. I see you are firat as usual, I am not counting Prabhat as he was with me online while posting.

Anonymous said...

Guys keep it up. I can't thank enough each and every one of you. Your blogs have given a new meaning to Comics.


Legend.killer said...


thanks mate

Toonfactory said...

IUnknown - Welcome to the world of Comic-Blogging friend...I must say its a wonderful begining, keep it up...thanks for posting high res. comics along with the Low Res. here :)

AJAY said...

Unkonwn : thanks a lot . Hope you have a good number of comics too to share with us .

Mr. Walker said...

@IUnknown: great stuff..i was waiting for this comic..from a long time ago..thanks a lot..& welcome to the world of blogging..hope to see more from u..

i hope the indrajal olympic continues..happy republic day to all..

Nanamar said...

Thanks a lot again....

Rafiq Raja said...

Thanks much for a new IJC, iUnknown. A different name tag, reminds me of my good old Microsoft days :)

Good to see the Team work working full speed at IJC Countdown blog. Would love to see Parishi's first post, and more and more authors contirbution at the blog.

Happy Republic Day to all Visitors :)

Old Man Mozz said...

Thanks iUnknown for contributing this comic in real hq.

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