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Thursday, January 14, 2010

12 110 - Dayna Ki Agni-Pariksha

This comic is the Daily Strip #83 - The Epidemic (12-Feb-1962 to 16-Jun-1962)

Artist: Sy Barry
Cover: Govind Brahmania
IJC English Title:  Trial by Fire

110 - 1967 - Phantom - Dayna Ki Agni-Pariksha - C2C

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It's scanned by Ajay Misra.
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Rakesh Saxena said...

One thing I can be assured one can beat you when it comes to the regularity and dedication of postings. You have really made a great team who are providing great service to IJC lovers. My best wishes to you and your team. Great year ahead.

Quizzerix said...

Hi Munna
I ditto Rakesh's views. And I am eagerly looking forward to to the next English version posts

Rafiq Raja said...

Another golden oldie IJC Hindi, Thanks for sharing Prabhat. Thanks to Ajay for taking the pain to scan and clean.

By the way, the next attractions are mouthwatering.... drop them on to us, asap. :)

PBC said...

@Rakesh Saxena: Thanks! However it's not a tough task, anyone can do.

We'll try to share as much we can.

PBC said...

@Quizzerix: I'll try to post 2 of these (190 & 226) this weekend.

PBC said...

@Rafiq Raja: The ability of Ajay's managing a comics and quick scanning are the key factors - we got Indrajal in such quantity and speed.

He he he ...The comics contributed by Ajay to me, I clean myself - sometimes spoiled also. :))

I avoid writing about my time, however you must be noted that our cleaning style is absolutely different.

Rakesh Saxena said...

I agree that posting is not difficult but getting hold of an old comic is. I lost all my collection as time passed by and left a craving to go back to past which you made it possible. Thanks.

PBC said...

@Rakesh Saxena: Almost same story with me. I left India in 1990 leaving behind 500+ IJC, almost all ACK & many many more, thought will back in some years, but...... Now hardly 50 to 100 IJC are available.

abhishek said...

Its best place to get indrajal comics.
I have a blog where you can get others comics.
I am gonna ad your comics links into my blog.

PBC said...

@abhishek: Thanks! Pls add the blog in blog roll. I don't appericiate reposting IJC links. It'll be easier for all of us, otherwise mirror links at same platform just confuse the visitors. The contributors & I didn't get feedback. In long run, you'll harm similar the blog & finally the visitors with your GOOD attitude- Who will post new scans, from where one will get new? :))

I had seen somewhere copied linked, result - some stopped scanning. One guy wrote very funny: No responsibility to me, all to blog owners who uploaded. No info about blogs - but posted as he scanned or made a team himself, didn't tried to understand or contact anyone. But asking to support him through paying Paypal. Too smart, too funny. What he copied in 2 minutes, for it asking money. :))

Have a look at books & Comics blog (link is available)- April 2009. You will understand our concern. The disturbing people has gone, but I had to fixed my several GB links.

We are not against sharing, but taking from one shop in village selling/sharing in another shop in same village- it's funny.

One old guy who served with new IJC scans in past, had started reposting old IJC links just in name of good work, all are neglecting him. :)

I've all links of every Indrajal ready & permission of the contributors, but don't post- it's just respect to all guys who worked & working hard.

Hoping, you will understand and respect our concern yourself.

Keep visiting, enjoy or let enjoy others.

Unknown said...

all phantom comics links are not working, please update the links, thanx

Anjan Kumar said...

any. Books. & comics. Plz. Call. 9930057745.

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