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Saturday, January 02, 2010

10 101- The Satchel (English) & Rajdrohi Senapati (Hindi)

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Well! The first recession of 21th century is slowing down, swine flue is slowly disappearing from scenario, Obama has got Nobel Peace prize in advance - can we hope relatively peaceful year?

I'm hopeful, Welcome 2010! Wishing a Very Happy New Year!

In earlier post Rafiq had attracted attention towards the number of posts. Little confused. Can I say this one 101th post or 100th post?

For adding number of IJC as tag, I was forced to divide first post in 2 parts few weeks ago. And some posts were sifted here from Grouchy's blog with mutual understanding.

Saying it 100th or 101th post is may be not fair. After all what is number, I never target comments or going a get a gold medal for posting. Decide yourself.

However, today 1.01 and presenting IJC #101 at 1:01AM (this blog's time , i.e. 1 USA time-jone). Enjoy!

This story is Daily strips #096 - The Satchel (26 Dec 1966 - 18 Mar 1967).
Artist: Seymour Barry (b. 12/3/1928, USA), brother of famous comic artist Dan Barry. Until the late fifties, he assisted his brother with the inking of 'Flash Gordon' etc; and worked on other projects independently. He take over 'The Phantom' after Wilson McCoy's death in 1961. After drawing the adventures of the Ghost-Who-Walks for over 30 years, he retired in 1995.

Honestly, I like to read his version of 'The Phantom' more than others.

101-1970-Phantom-Rajdrohi Senapati

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Scanned by Ajay Misra.

101-1970-Phantom-The Satchel

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

You are reading this Indrajal due to a real team effort.

It's scanned by ER Bhoopathi.

A missing front cover was provided by Shree Shiva Ram Iyer (Shekhar's father) which you saw already.

Ajay provided these scans with a good condition Hindi cover and missing ad. pages, I decided to merge earlier available English and Hindi Cover to make better. Both original covers are attached. Hoping you'll like.

P.S.: Both comics contain 1 missing page in other language. It's my 1st attempt to give original look to an English IJC cover and 2nd attempt to fix an IJC cover. First was the cover of Hindi IJC #38.


Colonel Worobu said...

Thank you Prabhat and ERB.

We all love Sy Barry's art, but Lee Falk himself liked only Ray Moore's art. I have always wondered why.

PBC said...

@Colonel Worobu: You are Welcome dear!
As we know from Lee Falk words that he always claimed that Moore was the best artist on the Phantom, because of his talent for drawing beautiful looking.

I think, in fact, there were several or one more of the following reasons behind his choice:

1. Moore style was the style of that period in which Falk grown up.

2. Moore was with him with Mandrake as assistant, so the co-creator understood Falk’s vision about the Phantom may be more than others.

3. Early story were really very dynamic than later.

4. One old friend is better than 100 new.

Rafiq Raja said...

A Happy New Year 2010, to all comics lover in here

Thanks for another HQ, this time from the old timer ERB, and Ajay, and crew.

I agree with Prabhat. Since Ray Moore was closer ally of Lee Falk, he would have liked his rendition of Phantom more better than Sy Barry. Sy Barry, was a contemporary unmatched, even by today's artists. The current Phantom artist Paul Ryan says that his Phantom art is a tribute to Sy Barry.

So, it could be construed that Ray Moore is a old classic artist, liked by the classic Falk. While Sy Barry is contemporary artist, which are liked by present day fans and artists alike :)


Comic World said...

A Very Happy New Year to all of you.Well,Col.though Barry was having unmatched talent regarding description of human faces and jungle scenery but it was Ray Moore's style which suited best the Phantom's mysterious and scary character right back in 1936.
We have to like Barry as we have grown up on Indrajal comics which published Barry's strip in majority,but,if one closely examine Moore's art style and Phantom stories,which were used to be more dynamic(As Prabhat already pointed) then it could be easily understood that Moore's art was more befitting for the character of Phantom.

PBC said...

@Rafiq Raja:Happy New Year! Thanks to ERB like selfless people, we were not only collected all IJC, now recollecting HQ scans- in most of cases cover to cover.
I'm such a hardcore fan of the Phantom, can read Ryan's version too. Hoping he'll not mind. :)

PBC said...

@Comic World: All best wishes from all of us, CW! Now a days, I started loving Frew (Egmont stories). Many of these are relatively dynamic and art style is also close to heart.

Comic World said...

Prabhat,i also tried to like these non-Falk stories published by Frew,but failed miserable again and again.Though art style is somewhat good but the heart of any story,script,use to lack billion and billions of miles away if compared with any of Falk single script.
Hence,there is no way left except reading Falkian strips again and again.

PBC said...

@CW: I understand you.
It took a lot of time before I accepted Frew (Egmont) stories. Still can't accept all non Falk comic. Although I collect & post Moonstone and Scandinavian scans (except Eng- collect only).

Jai said...

Thanks for this new scans.
For the English scans, both the HR and SR links to same.
Enjoyed it all the same.

PBC said...

@Jai: Thanks for information! Fixed it. :)

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