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Friday, January 29, 2010

12 020 - Baink Par Daka (Hindi) & The Mysterious Bank Robbery (English)

Today we have opportunity to share  a very nice Indrajal Comics #20 in Hindi & English.
    This comic first came in life as  Sunday strips #49 - The Frameup  (25 Aug 1957 to  22 Dec 1957)

Artist:  Wilson McCoy
Cover: Govind Brahmania

020 - 1965 - Phantom- Baink Par Daka - C2C
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020 -1965 - Phantom - The Mysterious Bank Robbery (NEW)

Some missing supplementary pages are mixed up from Hindi version.

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Both Parts are scanned by Ajay Misra. The physical copy of Hindi version was provided by Abhishek Asthana.
    Abhishek & Ajay Live in different cities.


IUnknown said...

Hmmm Looks great, Can't wait to download it. Thanks Ajay,Abhishek and Prabhat

Rafiq Raja said...

Another gem, Thanks for sharing, Prabhat, Ajay and Abishek. Intercity Project, go go Guys :)

PBC said...

@IUnknown: It's a short but several morals carrying comics, that's why I like it.

PBC said...

@Rafiq Raja: It's really beauty of Indrajal - real fans are ready to share. :)

Mr. Walker said...

great stuff..thanks for both would've been better if the eng version add/extra pages were not mixed..nice effort..hope to see those original pages soon..

PBC said...

@Mr. Walker: Tried to find out, but ...... Many friends understand Hindi & who does not - at least see pictures. It's better than nothing. I'd be happier to see rest English pages also.

Colonel Worobu said...

Thank you Ajay, Abhishek and Prabhat!

Krishna said...

A great comic! Tks to all. This has been republished in later years- forgot the title though?

PBC said...

@Colonel Worobu : Hope you will like remix version as you was always eager to see advertisement & supplementary pages.

PBC said...

@Krishna ji: Yes it was. However in most of cases, the colours of first versions I find better. Sometimes reprinted versions were edited for good reason - e.g. Lothar was better dressed in reprints. So prefer both versions.

Anupam said...

What a vintage collection,

Hats off to you guys. Thanks for keeping the treasure alive.

PBC said...

Thanks Anupam Bhai! Soon we, many together will keep alive. There is one good news: Raj is also agree. Now atleast Iunknown, Parshi, Ajay, Sagnik, Bala ji, Walker, Raj, I and you are coming together at new UNITED IJC blog. Some more may also join.

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