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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

5 V25N45 - Ambush at Sea Part 2

V25N45-1988 -Mandrake- Ambush at Sea Part 2 (Complete)

Standard Resolution


Higher Resolution

It's contributed by Ajay Misra.


Coming soon:


Venkitachalam Subramanian said...

Wow! is the only word that comes to my mind.

We are just 2 away from a complete anthology of English IJCs on the web.

While I may have also played a small role towards achieving this goal, I really need to bow in reverence to the following giants with whom I have identified over the last 6 months:
Bloggers: I used to leech from these guys before I started contributing to some if not all of them.
TCP - the pioneer of IJC blogs
Prabhat - What can I say about this guy? Nothing that I mention will be too much about this person.
Mandrake dude - I am amazed at his knowledge of the comics.

Scanners: I haven't had the good fortune of interacting with all of them, but I consider them close to my heart.
Ajay Misra - The Bhishma Pithamaha of IJC scanning.

Vistors to the Blogs:
Simple person
Rafiq Raja - (Of course I do visit his blog and tamil postings)

Thanks to all of you and countless others (I might have missed someone inadvertently, suffering from a senior moment) for bringing back our childhood memories. (Those who blog in Hindi and other languages, please do not be slighted. You are doing an equally wonderful job. I keep reading about you in Prabhat's blog.)

ramanan said...

Hi Prabhat
Thanks to begin with and I ditto Venkit's musings googol number of times! Fantastic effort.

I have been visiting only for some couple of months now and am amazed at the plethora of IJC lovers around the world.

Congrats to all the great bunch of guys mentioned above



PS:I am honoured to be part of such a gathering albeit as a visitor :)

Old Man Mozz said...

Hi MunnaBhai / Prabhat,

Ditto to what Ramanan & Venkit had to say.

I can only express my sincere thanks as always to this project....

The wait for the last few comics is becoming unbearable and I am already a nervous wreck..

AJAY said...

Hello Prabhat & all friends , it is only joints efforts of the persons who wanted to share their collection .
But in my case , I would like to give all my credit for early issues of IJCs to Vineeth who liberally lent me his comics in lots of 100's even in my first meeting with me . I am sure without his selfless help , you would have not seen the entire Indrajal list which was prepared & sent to by Vineeth only .

Never seen such type of person who liberally gave me his comics to be scanned while I kept his comics for an interval of 6 months too . I wonder if any other person can do suchj work .
Apart from it , Shekhar , who is located at Chicago , having all his comics at Banglore , arranged , front covers of so many missing comics thru his aged father provided timely .
At lat I would like to praise Prabhat to the fullest extent who took so much pains to see these online which others did not do while they had my all scans on dvds all time .
Prabhat liberally gave full credit to all scanners which encouraged persons directly to send to him instead of any other person .

Though in this long journey , all bloggers are equally worth of credit too who kept on posting at regular interval .


Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

Venkitachalam Subramanian, ramanan, Old Man Mozz, Ajay: We should not forget one more person. There was an Anonymous contributor, who had contributed lot of Indrajal Comics in very short period last year.

Together we are near to complete the series. Thanks guys! This project is a team event, being an individual, never meeting before, as we concentrated at new scans, started avoiding duplication, this unreachable target has been reached.

With Ajnaabi I get acquainted when ACK project was in danger in April. After 4-6 posts none was interested to continue or unable to post at regular basis. I requested Ajnaabi to allow posting his ACK scans. I offered him some Indrajal Comics (Ajay’s scan) for private use only, he told to post his and Ajay’s Indrajal Comics publicly in blog. I had several Ajay’s scan, as I saw many are coming in torrents, speed of posting Indrajal Comics at this platform is too slow although scans are ready. Talked to Ajay about it, he allowed to post. It’s important to note that from Ajay these Indrajal, I received months ago. However I was not posting as there was a stable flow earlier. Many had on DVD earlier than me. As others were posting Indrajal, I was concentrated at others comics before that. Need of ACK scans and irregular Indrajal posting, were important factors which diverted me to post Indrajal Comics.

I don’t like to force to beg someone for scans, so first time 22 Indrajal I posted on 14 May 2008- all were scans of Ajnaabi. Neither had I time to wait for these next 5-10 years nor contributors. Once as I was a visitor only, I read a comment, ‘what we shall do when these shall be over?’ I was shocked as I was aware there are lots of scans by Ajay were ready. Nothing last forever, even our universe.

It’s sad someone is trying to make money what he got free or downloaded form internet:

The contributors, visitors and mine goal were to collect and share with all. Numbers of contributors were increased. I can confess now, many I posted only, not read till now. I didn’t wish to disappoint any contributor, because I understand all labor behind digital Indrajal – from searching a rare physical copies to posting.

I’m happy, soon I can start reading.

As my many links were deleted, I was not worry. Now these comics are not going to be lost forever. Every fan has all Indrajal Comics at least in digital for like physical comics collector like Vineeth who has all Indrajal physical copies.

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