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Friday, July 24, 2009

77 Last 6 English Indrajal Comics - #272, #278, #V21N07, #V25N32, #V25N41,#V26N34 - Now all 803 English Indrajal Comics are online.

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This party is brought to you by Ajay Misra, Venkitachalam Subramanian, Ajnaabi, Mr. Walker and Shekhar Chandra.

I’m a medium only.
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Indrajal Digital posting period: 17th April 2005 to 24 july 2009, 4 years & 102 days, i.e. 1562 days. And, this post is making all 803 English Indrajal online. Hurrah!

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I had a dream to collect all Indrajal Comics since childhood when I read first Indrajal (#295). I started waiting next one from the day I got current issue. At that town, there was no chance to buy old issues. The only way to read old issues was collection of elder brothers of my friends.

With time I collected almost all issues starting from #295. But major part of collection is lost now. Never thought, I could see these again. When I found these at net in Aug 2007 in digital form, couldn’t believe. Where I'm living at present, finding English or Hindi comic is almost impossible.

Although B&C blog was launched on 18 Nov 2007, I started Indrajal posting since 14 May 2008, when again deficit of scans were recreated after regular flow by several blogs. Motivating factors were contributors and thousands Indrajal fan like me, who wish to collect or read.

And terror of PBC, later Munna Bhai started. Several times, I received letters from hardcore fans that they could not able to read due to floods of IJC, however always requested to continue.

Believe, time and tide never wait for anyone. There are many friendly persons who have nice collections, but can’t scan and share due to lack of time or any other reason. When friends are in mood to scan and share, why not try to achieve the target. When I started posting IJC, couldn’t guess in next 14-15 months we’d have all missing Indrajal. Ajnaabi, Ajay, Anurag, Anon (Indrajal), Raj, Venkit, Shekhar’s father and Shekhar are those friends who made it possible. KK & Mr. Walker (a new blogger) had supported with missing cover pages. Prashant Gupta & Vikram Singh are two contributors which scans I received through Ajay.

Two words about my Indrajal contributors:

• Ajnaabi: Amazing man who concentrates at missing and neglected, but good comics. Whenever he finds there is need to help always comes forward. I had started posting Indrajal with his 22 scans as the first post. Major parts of less popular heroes of Indrajal Comics are digitalized by him.

• Ajay Misra: His contribution to digital Indrajal is unmatchable. The major part of Indrajal at net are his contributions. Unmatchable speed of scanning. Helped with other scans – Deshi Guru, Shekhar’s father, Shekhar, Prashant Gupta & Vikram. Venkit says him, 'Vishm Pitamah'.

• Anurag: Most probably he has the biggest collection of Hindi Indrajal - 770 and many more English Indrajal and other Hindi comics. Whenever I request, he always finds time to scan in his busy schedule. His son is one of the top rank junior tennis players of India, he regularly travels with him.

• Anon (Indrajal): Wonderful person, even doesn’t tell me real identity. Contacted and in very short period flooded Indrajal. Encouraged me to start using Photoshop and guided in early stage.

• Raj: Nice cool person, started scanning & posting silently. First I found his scans at esnips, later found his blog. Whenever he has time scans and quickly posts. Always ready to help.

• Venkit: A new star who came in the light few months ago. Thanks to him, the major part of Bahadur comics is available as e-comics. Last Indrajal #V27N08 was scanned by him.

• Shekhar’s father: He is 80+, earlier helped with #16 Indrajal Comics, #58 cover page using a digital camera and this time, the cover of Mahabharata part 1.

• Shekhar: Last 2 scans we were expecting from another person, but due to unexpected reasons, didn't get on time. Shekhar ji (who has all Indrajal) had visited from USA 2 days ago. Ajay explained the situation, without a second thought he agreed to help. Yesterday, as he visited home, took photos and sent. Words are not enough to thank him. Ajnaabi finished editing these 2 Indrajal, 4.30 A.M. morning today.

• Mr. Walker: Came to know about missing covers of Mahabharata part1, quickly contributed.

• KK: Provided missing English cover pages of #V24N38, we were searching since a long time.

This blog exists since last 69 days. Contains 117 English and 6 Hindi. It’s important to note that 32 out of 117 were posted at Grouchy’s Comics blog. For new visitors, I put here with his permission when he removed from his blog.

I afraid to count how many Indrajal posted at B&C blog. Started posting Indrajal 1 year, 2 month and 10 days ago, i.e. 484 days only.

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V21N07-1984-Lt.Drake-The Mantle of Mystery

Download link: Higher Resolution or Standard Resolution

V25N32-1988-Mandrake-The Maze Of Deceit Mandrake

(Reprinted version of #153-1972-The Master of Disguise)

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Till today I hasn't scanned any comics. Neither all Indrajal are not posted by me nor had I started posting. I’m a late comer, what I observed or got information from others, feel need to mention some important names:

• TCP: The pioneer IJC blogger, amazing combination of quality & frequency.

• Vineeth Abraham, who just gave early edition of 100+ Indrajal Comics physical copies to Ajay in the very first meeting, which later we read as Ajay’s scan.

• Deshi Guru, contributor of Indrajal Comics and #1 to #5 Hindi Indrajal covers.

• ER Bhoopthy: person who has scanned #1 Indrajal Comics.

If I had missed any name, let me know, I’ll add. Very thankful to all known and unknown persons who scanned or posted even single new Indrajal.

There are several bloggers who played important role in English Indrajal posting, some had posted in other languages, and it has encouraged English bloggers, at least me certainly.

Indrajal bloggers:

1. English

First Indrajal
posting date
Last Indrajal
posting date
IJC available
in languages
April 17, 2005 April 16, 2009English, Hindi and TamilApril 17, 2005
2CWFeb 4, 2007 June 27, 2009English and HindiFeb 4, 2007
3ANUPAM AGRAWALMay 3, 2007June 30, 2008 English and HindiMay 1, 2007
4Kit Walker May 15, 2007June 14, 2007English onlyApril 29, 2007
5ICC June 2, 2007April 10, 2009English and HindiJune 2, 2007
Aug 21, 2007
May 30, 2008
English and HindiJuly 16, 2007
7TPHSep 9, 2007March 8, 2009English and Hindi Sep 9, 2007
8 Bala ji Sep 27, 2007May 8, 2009English onlyJune 26, 2007
SameerJan 10, 2008July 6, 2009English, Hindi and MarathiJan 10, 2008
10DaraJan 23, 2008Dec 6, 2008English comics, Bengali coversApril 6, 2007
PBC!May 14, 2008April 28, 2009English and Hindi18 Nov, 2007
Munna Bhai! May 17, 2009July 24, 2009English*** and HindiMay 17, 2009
Mr WalkerJuly 9, 2009July 21, 2009Bengali, English and Hindi**July 9, 2009

! Are PBC & Munna Bhai same? It's not our problem, my ADVOCATE BOSS has to think, how to prove. We challenged and posted openly. What is name after all for us, both has mentained same frequency & quality of scans.

** Yesterday Mr. Walker had informed his intention about sharing IJC in Hindi also.

*** Actually Groughy Comics was 11th blogger which provided 35-40 English Indrajal at this platform. 32 out of 117 posted here, were available at Grouchy’s Comics blog.

2. Blogs, which had provided Indrajal in other languages only:

D# BloggerFirst Indrajal
posting date
Last Indrajal
posting date
IJC available
in languages
Kit WalkerMay 7, 2007Oct 28, 2007
Gujarati only
May 15, 2007
Sep 8, 2008
June12, 2009
Hindi only
Sep 7, 2008
Feb 22, 2009
May 26, 2009
Bengali only
Feb 22, 2009

I'm referring blogs which provided first time unknown scans at this blogging platform till today only. Links of all blogs are available in my blogroll.

And finally, the visitors, Janta Janardan. It’s such a barometer which not only gave information about interest, but always tell us, we were not only few persons who were interested.

Thanks friends! It was a collective project, all participated, visitors, bloggers & contributors.

There is Russian proverb:

• Не име́й сто рубле́й, а име́й сто друзе́й.
• Transliteration: Ne imey sto rubley, a imey sto druzey.
• Translation: Don't have a hundred rubles, but have a hundred friends.

I'm such a lucky person, have many friends. Whenever I need, God sends one more.

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272- Cover by Shekhar’s father, 4 cover pages by Mr. Walker, all the rest pages by Ajnaabi.
278- All work by Ajnaabi
V21N07- Scanned by Ajay
V25N32 – Photos by Shekhar Chandra, edited by Ajnaabi
V25N41- All work by Venkitachalam Subramanian
V26N34 -Photos by Shekhar Chandra, edited by Ajnaabi

Which comic is 800th and which is 803th, how one oould be chosen. Without 799th - 800th could not be reached. It’s a collective effort and all deserve these landmark places.

Proudly announcing first round of digital Indrajal posting has been closed.

First round? Many which are available in low resolution, will be rescanned. That's why.

Next post: English Indrajal covers. I was going to post in this post, however many covers need repairing, working in this direction.

After an end, a new life begins. So, keep visiting. Not saying Good bye, до свидания (do svidánija) - See you soon!

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ramanan said...

Hi Munna
WOW! Fantastic
Keep the faith

Grouchy's Comics said...

Fantastic job! Let me on of the first to congratulate. What an effort.

Grouchy's Comics said...

What an achievement! This would never have been possible without munna's attitude. He started posting multiple IJCs at a time and snowballed the whole things. Of coure Ajay, Venkit, Ajnaabi and all other contributors did a terrific job but I they would have been discouraged if Muuna hadnt given them proper credit and recognition.

Its great that the last leg of IJC posting went ahead without silly fights (except of course a few stray incidents).

many maany thank to scanner, contributors. IJC was just a childhood memory. Now I have read more IJcs than I ever did when I was young. I bow my head in salute to all of you.

ramanan said...

Well said Grouchy!
One request. Now that all the 803 English IJCs are in cyberspaace, it would nice if the blogger/contributor with the Excel File as on 080609 updates it and also gives the MediafireRapidshare Links (for both SR and HR).It would help fans like me to know which are the ones we miss etc..
Please consider the request.
Thanks once again

Grouchy's Comics said...

I was so excited I didn't read what Munna wrote! I must pointed out that the IJC that were earlier posted in my blog were got from a torrent. I don't know who uploaded it. Bu I think most of the Scans were from Ajay. Munna's humility and his great ability to work together with all contributors is singularly responsible for this.

I was one of the first to visit his blog long before his IJC days. There was no inkling at that time that he would go on to such great heights.

" Big things have small beginnings" -- A line from my fav. movie, " Lawrence of Arabia".

with best wishes to one and all
ps. sorry for being silent earlier. I was saving up for this!

Also the link for Mahabharat 1 is missing. Can you please fix it. Thanks

Chatur Cheeta said...

Hi Everybody!

Its really partytime.
I congratulate everyone in the team for achieving such a Herculion task.
Special thanks to Prabhat for bringing us all together inspite of his facing some annoyances in between. Its highly commendable.
I am sure that we shall continue to be in touch and today shall be a memorable milestone in time.

Keela Wee said...

Beyond thoughts and opinions
Beyond songs and Silence
Beyond today and tommorrow
Beyond life.....
Just one thing remains, Memories!

One of the most cherished moments in my childhood is reading these awesome comics.

May God's blessings and the memories support you and your entire team forever.

keela wee

bharat said...

Hats off to this tremendous achievment. Thanks to Munnabhai and all those who helped him in this herculean task

Jai said...

So finally it is done.
After all the obstacles and threats, and other nonsences set by a couple of egoistics dumb heads, we have reached the magical number of 803.

All the credit goes to Prabhat, whitout whose tenaciouness, this event would have not been possible.

My salutes to you.

While this is the climax of all that has happened, I take consolation, in the fact that this will not end, and many IJC's in better forms will be posted, in future.

Once again thanks to you and also to all the contributors, for making this moment come true.

AJAY said...


Congrats to all of us in contributing in some areas, somebody scanned , some body posted , visitors , credits to scanners & ulimately trouble makers best contributed in way Prabhat became more detrmined to finish the project .

List is exhaustive so keep on enjoying the party .


MaNdrAke dudE said...

Thanks dude!! IT'S A BIG PARTY TIME!! :-))

803 Indrajals finally on-line !! wow!! I HAVE FIRST Introduced with Digital Indrajal in some 20-25th Feb,2007 and that time it was only 150+ on-line....and now,ALL 803 with many in diffrent languages have been posted....a big achivement!!:)


Madhubala said...


A public Thank you to you all is in order. Wow!! (again!)

Prabhat- Thank you for all the introductions of all these great people, to the rest of us who only knew a few, and that too by aliases. It is indeed a great thing that we (really all of you) have come together for this digital preservation. And critics not withstanding, this IS exactly what this is- PRESERVATION! From a bygone era, some good art work, some great, some not so. Some great story lines, some entertaining, some not so. Nevertheless, preservation in a digital format, for the rest of all our (next) generations to enjoy, and perhaps learn. This true constructionism that was the vision of the founding fathers of the internet as we know it now.

@Ajnaabi, Ajay Misra, Anurag, Raj, Venkit, Shekhar & Sr., Mr Walker, KK & Anon:
Obviously without you all this would still be a dream- THANKS A MILLION!

On behalf of all those that "silently" just downloaded (Yes, I am one!) and mostly did not even post a simple "Thank you" or "I really liked this one" or "Great Job" etc., (guilty again!)- the least I can do is to take the time to really thank you all and especially Prabhat for his leadership in making this happen, and corralling all the others into creating this fine digital warehouse for the world to freely access. A sincere Thank you to all you selfless internally motivated scanners- from ALL of us. Some of us wish we could say it, some of us don't even know that we need to say it and even the few that just "take" - WE ALL THANK YOU!

This truly is a remarkable achievement, to gather people from all around the globe to collaborate on a project, with a constructivist philosophy that belies our currently prevailing world separationist attitudes.

Even the slight aberrations we had due to a few malcontents (some of the later information is just shocking!), the words-only-flame-wars actually served to galvanize the silent majority together to let everyone know just how many people there were, though the discourses not always verbose or coherent; that indeed we were consumers with a voracious appetite for this magically wonderful trip down memory lane. It definitely did turn out to be a silver lining to the dark cloud of jealousy, envy and the self-loathing frustrated resentment that we saw ever so briefly in April.

Most of us on the consumer side, I am convinced, wistfully wish, that we could have contributed, even ever so slightly, to be an integral part of this great structure that you have all created. Again, though I did not know it at the time, I am now truly glad to get to know a little about all of you who have been a part of this.

Thank you

nithish said...

Congrats to Prabhat and other Indrajal bloggers!You all have done a great job.An almost impossible task has been achieved!!!It is a dream coming true.

Comic World said...

Congrats Prabhat for such a nice post and the party where all English IJCs are available on net.I remember very well when i for the very first time bumped at TCP,was amazed to find so many Indrajals there,before that i was not at all aware about the history,quantity and other details about Indrajal comics and Phantom/Mandrake in detail.It was only after TCP that the hibernated comic lover/collector in me woke furiously because of which i managed to collect so many IJCs and other comics and the hunt is still on.
Though i prefer to read comics on paper instead of monitor but still collecting all Indrajal in e-form was also a lucrative opportunity which is quite possible now as all IJCs are available now on net because of many persons,TCP being the prime factor behind all this IJC story being the very first blogger to initiate it,after him many names can be taken such as ICC,Anupam,TPH,CW,Raj etc.
Kudos to you for being the medium in the bundling up of this whole package more quickly than expected and kudos to all your contributors who provided all the comics.

Satjit said...

Wow! This is a truly landmark post! Many Thanks to ALL the folks involved in this great achievement :)

Rafiq Raja said...

Munnabhai, finally the day we all wanted to see has come. 803 Indrajals all online, what a great achievement. Thanks to all the scanners, whom Munna referred, and thanks to Prabhat for originally leading the effort and for munna bhai to see it through closure.

Congrats to all, and thanks for these whole bunch of last ones... I am going to enjoy them one by one for months to come. Thanks to those who took time to gather effort and share their huge possession with others.

Thanks also to all the visitors who have sailed along with us for a such long journey. The Grand Finale, it's time to cherish and enjoy.

And by the way, Movie Abhi Baaki hai mere dosto... The Round 2 for better versions would start pouring their ways next-up.

Munna Bhai, looking for the IJC Complete cover post. Take a well earned break then my friend. You deserved every bit of it.


Sukhwinder said...

Thanks to Prabhat and all the contributors for such woderful efforts. They are the true Indrajal lovers. It is a big moment for all Indrajal lovers because most of them never got hold of all 803 comics or even read all of them.

Yes, first round of Indrajal is over, but I would like to see if all the Hindi Indrajal comes to net in high resolution as well, and with these contributors, I am sure the that day is not far away.

Thanks again to the contributors and congratulations to all the Indrajal lovers.

Purvesh said...

Fantastic,...we have made it..its just like dream come true..special thnks to all uploaders and contributors who have worked very hard to achieve this target..gud job all of u guys..


Thank you prabhat..
Our childhood dream of collecting all the indrajal(even though in digital form ) has come true. Thanks to dear bloggers and contributers.
Ajay,Venkit, Ajanabi, Anurag, Anon,Raj and all other contributers you all are dear to us and have no words to express my gratitude

Prabhat has rightly thanked all the peaple who have in some way connected with completing the project. But the fact is that dear friend, you were the main force behind completion of this mamoth effort.Only with your detemination and reletless energy we could read all the indrajal (Amazing I still could not belive!)

Other bloggers like Samir, TCP, ICC,Comic World etc also contributed dearly in this jouney. My sincere thanks to all of them from the core of my heart

With best wishes

vishy said... words can come close to the describing and appreciating such a monumental achievement..congrats and tnx from the bottom of my heart...

Vinay said...

A huge thank you to you all who made it possible. Like someone earlier I was also the silent observer. Not anymore, it's just fantastic to have all the English Indrajal comics in e-paper form. I never thought that I would be able to find any more than I have ever read (never had the luck to buy one, only borrowed from other people and read :-).

I would like to second "ramanan" in requesting an update to the Excel file with links to downloads.

This is my first ever post on any blog ever!

Thank you all again for your hard work and tenacity.

bhotla said...

What an achievement! This again proves the value of united effortsfrom one and all. Let the party continue. Now its time for em to make sure I have all the 803 IJCs on-line. Rightnow I have only 60% of them that too scattered all across.


KK said...

Good job, MunnaBhai.

It is a dream come true - Not sure where all of us are located.. Most probably all over the world.. Contributors and downloaders alike.. but it would be nice if we could set up a date and people can meet..

Could start with India and US ...Make it a annual function... What great fun for all comic lovers to meet, share experiences, exchange notes and comics are start new friendships..

Colonel Worobu said...

I am late to the party it seems.

Tremendous achievement guys! Hours spent in front of the scanner and computer has finally culminated in this remarkable feat. My best wishes & congratulations to all the scanners and bloggers.


Gopal said...

Thank you to all the bloggers and scanners for all the hard work and dedication!!!!

I am missing three issues 228, 234 & V22N45? Could someone help me with the download links for them?


Old Man Mozz said...

Hi Prabhat,


Thanks for keeping the faith and hanging in there and continuing this project. It is unbelievable that even though the IJC stopped publishing in the 80s there are still a fantastic Legion of fans all over the world across all ages. I remember when I started recollecting the IJC when I started work about 13 years ago I really thought I was an oddball....& only now have I found out that that there is still a lot of people like Ajay, Venkit, Zaheer, Sameer, TCP, Munna who not only have the passion for IJC but also the desire to make it available to all of us.


Amith Nag said...

I am a bit late for the party - and all I can say - I am completely speechlesss.....Thanks a billion to all you guys....

Munna Bhai said...

Thanks friends for visit and making party colourful!

Once again thanks to all persons who scanned/posted Indrajal Comics!

Thanks to all who helped directly or indirectly not only me, but bloggers/contributors!

Thanks to all active visitors, your feedback helped us a lot!

Thanks to all visitors who actively supported in dark hours!

Thanks to all silent visitors who even at this historical moment like to keep silence, I can see how many times these files are downloaded in last 36 hours.

Munna Bhai said...

Ramanan: Welcome! Soon you’ll have Indrajal, more easier way. Rafiq bhai from your city will help you. It was solved this part 2 weeks ago, even before your mail . Other details and solution of your autograph collection will be in e-mail.

I carefully thought about proposal again. Posting links in excel sheet, will create more problems and spoil the friendly atmosphere only. That’s why I gave details of all blogs and links. A fan can give 1-2 more hours visiting all blogs. All had worked hard; a contributor contributes to a particular blog, and it’s not possible to convince all. I know from my experience.

To unite all, I tried my best with clear heart, however finally in return got pain and blame only. You see, God always sends me new friends to contribute and quickly posting is not problem for me. So, if anybody couldn’t find a scan, can contact me through e-mail. I’ll try to find out and give link of post or ask friends to scan and post a new version. One can easily search as mostly blogs have search option and posts are tagged.

Hope you understand me.

There are few people like you, who join in late. Such a list can help you, however it’ll make easier to claim DMCA. As link will be gone, it will create many future visitors and people like me to reload. Mediafire is good for visitors, however once link deleted, it’s almost impossible to upload. How I reloaded, can’t tell publicly. Till now only 6+ GB files reloaded and many I should.

You must know, only my links in such a quantity were deleted. Why? Think. )))

Munna Bhai said...

Grouchy's Comics: Welcome! You are really one of the first visitors of my blog. Where I live, finding an English comics printed copy is like finding God, what about Hindi and out of print Indrajal you can guess. As I found many Indrajal links dead, I started recollecting at e-snips because there was no validity period. Didn’t wish to lost at least in electronic form again. I found that famous torrent the very first day it came online. I was not posting these as others were posting with a stable speed. Only after your information post, I told about uploading at esnips which was that time a little more than a file saving server, but not blog or forum. Mostly comics were coming online from DVD shared by Ajay many months ago. You announced at this blogging platform about these scans, so it’s fair to tell about you. Indrajal Comics came at blogging platform most organised way and it was started here, that’s why I referred only blogs. My Ajnaabi’scans posts fisrt came at forums, later we started posting same day. There are some more scans, which were available at esnips for long time ago.

I was concentrating at my other favourite comics which were not posted by others. I was hanging around blogs for one more Indrajal. Why I later started, as I told earlier, saving ACK project talked with Ajnaabi. At his request talked with Ajay to post those scans which I got for reading. That period, there was again a deficit of Indrajal and I wished to not only collect, but share people like me. Later Anurag and others joined. Number of contributes were increasing, there was need to increase speed of posting to meet expectations of contributors. It was really not easy task for me, as I was operating 3 businesses myself at a time, later as Director of MNC, big part of Russia was under my control (approx. area of India). But, love for Indrajal always motivated me. Since Nov last year read 3-4 Indrajal only. My father in India and 2 family members here were seriously ill.

Sometimes I read about busy schedules of others, no comments. 

I believe, there is always way, if want to do something.

Now I can take break, enjoy reading!

Munna Bhai said...

Chatur Cheeta: Welcome! Thanks brother, you always helped me.

Munna Bhai said...

Keela Wee: Welcome! One more thing will remain digital Indrajal Comics. )))

Munna Bhai said...

bharat: Welcome brother! Many many thanks to you for direct and indirect support. You are the man who shown way to nice place and I get acquainted with Ajnaabi and many others. If you didn’t come forward that time, we had not completed this series. Thank!

@ Friends, pls note this man who had played very important role behind screen. He is from Mumbai.

Munna Bhai said...

Jai: Welcome brother! I’ll never forget your support when this project was in danger. You are one of those friends, who were earlier silent visitors and in hour of need came forward. Thanks!
Jai Maharashtra!

Munna Bhai said...

AJAY: Welcome! Welcome! You speed of scanning, ability to manage missing copies, dedication to share are factors, we in such a short period, enjoying all Indrajal. Average of Less than 2 days, Indrajal Comics came. I afraid, you also don’t remember exactly figures. Last 9 months were fantastic. Thanks! Many may forget your name as you don’t like watermark, but scans will remain. And people will always thanks to an unknown man (you) for major part of comics. )))

Munna Bhai said...

MaNdrAke dudE: Welcome! 9 out of out of 13 (earlier 14) blogs which had provided English Indrajal, were started in 2007 only. Interesting statistics.

Once I said to give time to read all Indrajal and then many would join discussion as you and other friends wanted. Hoping visitors will save my face, when someone starts discussion at his blog or a new forum/site. 

Munna Bhai said...

Madhubala: Welcome dear friend!

You are one of such nice silent visors who always come at time. I’ll never forget your unconditional support in hard times.

When I read your comments first time, recalled school day’s Hindi poetry by Subhadra Kumari Chauhan:
Bundeley Harbolon key munh hamney suni kahani thi,
Khoob ladi mardani woh to Jhansi wali Rani thi.

You were ready to fight, how could we give up.

I never motivated by comments, and generally not gave time to comment. 

I’m really very happy to find out mostly friends are together enjoying this event. I’m very thankful to you for this visit.
Sau sunar ki, ek lohar ki
(Hundred blows of goldsmith is comparable to one blow of ironsmith

Meaning: One powerful blow is comparable to a hundred smaller blows)

Munna Bhai said...

nithish: Welcome! You had rightly said, ALL. Soon I’ll fix rest links. Do you miss any other than these? If yes, pls send me missing list using any 3 e-mail.

Munna Bhai said...

CW: Welcome! And Congratulations! I had opportunity to accelerate and post last Indrajal Comics, however it was not possible if TCP had not started and others had not carried on.

You are one of luckiest person who can read mostly on papers. Nothing can match it, however there are thousands fan, they can’t. I’ve opportunity to recollect many, but as I’m generally on tour, e-Indrajal Comics are best friend in free hours. My younger brother has informed me out of my 500+, 154 are saved luckily. 19 years these were closed in box room.
Why BCCL is not reprinting collector’s edition of these can’t understand. As I know their license is still valid. At least 500 000 copies of each Indrajal will be certainly sold as this Indrajal fever is spreading outside India.

Munna Bhai said...

Satjit: Welcome! Your dream come true, last Bahadur you received. I’m thinking how to help you with other Indrajal , however recommend to continue downloading. Are you in Bangalore?

Munna Bhai said...

Rafiq Raja: Welcome! Working. Soon I’ll post all covers.

Abhi Alvida mat kaho doston, raat abhi baaki hai, baat abhi baki hai.

None of our Indian fans has noted that V25N14 & V25N15 -1988-Mandrake-The Undersea Killer Monster, have first story only. Delboj has noted only. 

Either I’ll post these in beginning of 2nd round, or a gift for every Indrajal fans.

Waiting a good post about Indrajal at your informatics blog.

Munna Bhai said...

Sukhwinder: Welcome! First I read Hindi Indrajal myself. Aur meri Angrezi mulaim bhi hai bhai. :)

So I’ll happy to see all Hindi Indrajal online. This task is tougher, as there are few persons who have these in good quantity. Sometimes copycats discourage such friends in name of helping visitors. Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq was also bombed in name of good work and helping people. People can’t learn lesson from history and quickly forget everything.

Noted at some places people are bluntly copying whole Hindi blogs and posting as own. Some guys also clamp, well done, well done, but don’t encourage original sources. Do they not understand? It’s like sitting at same branch and cutting it. No original sources, all copycats disappear. Their all labour and creativity end in copy, can’t scan a comic or talk to blog owners/contributors. Whenever they post an own scan, certainly put a big watermark, but can’t give credits to original source or person. Will ask to comment and people do. All are not me, who will fight for all. Visitors should defend their interest themselves. Not saying to fight, but encouraging original sources sometimes and avoiding copycats.

Anurag has 770 Hindi Indrajal, however mostly are in bounded form. He is generally on tour with son. Whenever possible he scans and sends me exclusively now. So I’ll post, but not fast as English.

Mr. WALKER (a very Youngman) will post Hindi along with Bengali and English. Hoping Raj will back (it’s in hand of fans) and others will also post.

ramanan said...

Hi Munna
Thanks for a very nice and explanatory reply. Fully appreciate your views.
Will contact Rafiq bhai for help (Rafiq bhai: please mail me your email address).
If I want more help, I will mail you mere dost!
May your tribe increase.

Rakesh Saxena said...

Hi Prabhat,
It was very interesting ti observe your enthusiasm and energy to meet your own commitement. Your tireless efforts to overcome any type of obstacle was amazing.
You created a team which worked overnight on this project. My thanks to you and all those who had active contribution in meeting this challenge.
You must be realizing how good you have done to many like me who started their reading habit wih Indrajal Comics way back in 1964. When you become old you start remembering your childhood with a desire of geting back those things which were associated with your childhood. Indrajal was one such thing for me.
I have collected all from various blogs except the followings:
209-1974-Miscellaneous-Tulsidasa's Ramacharit Manas
273-1977-Phantom-The Professional Killer
334-1979-Mandrake-Invasion of the Earth
395-1982-Bahadur-The Dragons
May I request you if you could give me the links for these issues in english versions.
Lastly a question - "When are you starting a new project on Hindi version of Indrajal Comics?"

Toonfactory said...

JAI HO!!! is all I can say, its not a small feat to finish such big Project, Munna Bhai I would like to call you the Bhagirath of IJC who not only got into getting the ganga of IJC for us...but also kept on working till the Ganga fully reached the blogosphere...BRAVO!! Munna Bhai & BRAVO!! to all the contributors & Scanners..we can't thank you enough for this...words sometimes just fail..and a mere thank you will be an understatement but that's all we can say - A VERY BIG THANK YOU!!!!


Munna Bhai said...

Purvesh: Welcome! Thanks you and Varun for valuable tips, now I know how to tackle link problem. You both are one of behind screen people who helped at time. :)

Munna Bhai said...

JYOTHI KUMAR:Welcome! It’s really team achievement. Keep visiting.

Munna Bhai said...

vishy: Welcome! We know, there are many people like you, who wished to all Indrajal online.

Munna Bhai said...

Vinay: You are welcome! We are honoured to find you decided to debut here.

As I explained above, I’d not post an excel-sheet. You can start from TCP, B&C and this blog, major part would be covered. Rest blog links are available in sidebar. You can count at me in case you’ll not find link.

Munna Bhai said...

bhotla: Welcome! Try to collect all links are given and in worse case we are here.

Munna Bhai said...

KK: Welcome! Thanks for on time help, and my heartiest congratulations to you! Good idea, we got a degree but not decided name of our Insitute. May be IIIC (INDIAN INSTITUTE OF INDRAJAL COMICS).

Munna Bhai said...

Colonel Worobu: Welcome! To join such event, it is never late. You are one of the oldest regular visitors of Indrajal blogs. Your visit is adding more colours. Thanks!

Munna Bhai said...

Gopal: Welcome! Two of these were posted by me.

These are available at follow addresses:



Munna Bhai said...

Old Man Mozz: Welcome buddy! In last phase your regular presence helped us to be determined. When you’ll plan to visit Russia, let me know.

Munna Bhai said...

Amith Nag: Welcome! The Party is not over and you are not late. For regular visitors like, the party could be extended always.

Munna Bhai said...

ramanan: Why mine, let our Indrajal tribe increases.

About mine tribe: It’s increasing in November, God had already listened you blessing. Already have twins- daughter & son, let see who is coming. :)

Munna Bhai said...

Rakesh Saxena: Welcome! Wow since1964, I started reading in 1978 only. You must be 10-15 years elder than me. It’s not I created, God had supported me and these nice contributors believed me.

It’s said: khuda meherban to gadha pahalwan 

No brother, I’m not going to start Hindi Indrajal Project like English, but I will support. Let some other guys take some responsibility. They have nice collection and opportunity. There are 248 Hindi Indrajal already online. Only 555 needed. :)

Think with time, can post 50-100 Hindi Indrajal. I’m interested in Frew more, slowly a good is collecting. Can’t complete, but together we can give a good direction. Lee Falk stories are available as strips, need to mainly concentrate at Scandinavian stories. However will post, some early issues too.


Munna Bhai said...

Rakesh Saxena: Following 2 unable to find (I sure these are posted) that’s why uploading at mediafire for you. Hoping other friends will not be annoyed.

273-1977-Phantom-The Professional Killer

334-1979-Mandrake-Invasion of the Earth

Munna Bhai said...

Toonfactory: Suswagatham! After all you find some minutes for us in busy schedule. 

@ Friends, who are not aware, attention pls. Toonfactory aka Alaok is making a documentary film at Indian Comics, it’s an unique attempt. Read more details at

Gopal said...

Thank you for the links!!!

All i need now is a link for 209 Tulsidasa's Ramacharit Manas
to replace a corrupt download and the set will be complete!!!

TIA :-)

Munna Bhai said...

Gopal: Is the link given above corrupt? If yes, pls leave a massage there. Think CW will fix.


Old Man Mozz said...

Hi Prabhat,

Not only is your commitment is also your humility.

When I moved out of India leaving all my comics collection behind I was really unhappy. Then TCP happened......and there has been no looking back......because of guys like you, TCP, Ajay, Sameer, Ajnabi, Zaheer, Venkit, etc who stuck to the task no matter what.

I can imagine that this task has taken a lot of your time but your passion has been equal to the task.


Venkitachalam Subramanian said...

I am late to the party, but am overwhelmed by all your good words and thoughts.

While this has been a collective effort on the part of many known and unknown friends, special mention has to be made of Prabhat as an organizer and leader.

Nothing cnbeat th sense of pride when you see and hear the happiness from others.

All the best to all of you. Prbhat, you can count me in if you want to embark on a similar project for ACK.


Rakesh Saxena said...

Thanks a lot for providing links for the missing 4 comics. I think the "273-1977-Phantom-The Professional Killer" is not the original IJC except the cover page. I might be wrong.

You are right..I was born in 1957 and started with the IJC # 1 in the age of 7. My two heroes in those days were Indian Wrestler Dara Singh and IJC hero Phantom.

It is an interesting incident about how I came to reached your site. Last year during our official offsite meeting at Mukteshwar, my HR AVP put up a quize about comics characters like Hojo, Mandrake, Narda, Diana, Phantm etc. I jumped with answers. Later it compelled me to think how these youngsters were aware of these characters. IJC was no more there since long. was there some blog where people are talking about them?

I came back and started searching..and I found...a group od dedicated people engaged in the mission of completing the series in digital form and making it permanent for the future generations.

Hats off to Prabhat and team.

Munna Bhai said...

Old Man Mozz: I too. :)

TheBlabberingBard said...

Congrats to Prabhat and Team..Mission Impossible achieved!!

Had no doubts that you wouldn't get here.

Now what next??

Madhubala said...

@Prabhat - Thank you for your kind words. Rani of Jhansi (like my namesake) was a great influence in my early years, though both had such short lives!

All the Best with your new arrivals!


Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

Venkitachalam Subramanian: Welcome! I’m not leader bhai. People like you and rest contributors believed in me and worked as team living different part of world. Thanks!
I’m glad to find out there are different age group fans, who born before 1964 and after 1990.
We never targeted comments and thanks, however many visitors kind words had given us a new breath. We’ll continue IJC & ACK project both.
There are several friends ready for ACK - You, Ajnaabi, Ajay, Apoorva, Anurag, Anonymous (ACK), Rajeev Sharma, Shailendra, Soothsayr, Unknown #1, comicos, Desi8389 (aka CrayzieHuddie2). As we avoided duplication for IJC, the day will be not far we’ll have all ACK. Wish to take rest for few weeks and start. I’ll very appreciate if someone more will join for back ground part too. One friend already promised to help.

Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

Rakesh Saxena: Then I’ll say you, Big B. (Big Brother), I born in 1969. I’ll request Venkit & Ajay, Anurag to check 273, however think, it’s really not scan of Indrajal, but same panels were printed in Indrajal. Earlier available scans of #140 & some more were different which were later provided by Anurag & Venkit. We had completed first round only. 2nd phase will slow, but with time try to replace low resolution scans and we’ll check all questioned Indrajal Comics too.

Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

TheBlabberingBard: Welcome! Thanks!

Our future plans:

1. Will try to post some better scans, some new scans which are available in good quality however contributors or I have special attachments, some those which were ready, we not posted as 2nd one came online.

2. Frew, ACK, old Flash Gordon, Zorro etc

My life has changed, now less time for posting, but I’ll continue. Think average 4-10 posts (in total at 3 blogs) you’ll see, and if other contributors will like to post themselves, may be many more.

Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

Madhubala: Humm, I think, God should live happy with 2 only, we need third one. He has to fight with us, if even in dreams, will think.

Simple person in a complex world said...

Thanks you very much for the successful completion of the herculean effort you undertook!!!

Water said...

Hello All,

Congratulations on your success!!

Need quick help as somehow I am missing the following English comics:

162 1972 The Diamond Mountain
195 1973 Messengers of Death
201 1974 The Swamp of Death
372 1981 The Ring of Fear
248 1976 A Strange World
V25N36 1988 The Captive Sleuths
V24N43 1987 The Dodging Villain

Can anybody include the links or upload them once again.


Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

Simple person in a complex world: Welcome!

Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

Water: Welcome! It's sucess of all fans, brother. Contact me through email, I can give you links.

apurba said...

i need some bengali indrajal comics. is there anybody to fulfil..............

PBC said...

@apurba: Contact Bengali IJC bloggers: Walker, Sagnik, Betal, Devil. May be they can help you. I think most probably they will ask for exchange. Check my blogroll for their blogs.

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