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Thursday, June 11, 2009

5 V25N52 - The Test Of Fire

V25N52 - The Test Of Fire

It's a Venkit's contribution. All credits to to him only.


Grouchy's Comics said...

Dear Munna,

Caight up with the comics and new blog after a long time. Thanks for reposting links I havd earlier in this blog. Now things looks more complete. I am happy this copyleft issue didnt come to anything.

Many thanks to all contributors, Ajaya, Venkit, Ajnabi and others.

Best wishes

Prabhat's Books and Comics said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

Dear Groughy, do you think it’s over? :)))

1. DMCA to B&C blog.
2. My posts links from DEC 2008 to mid May 2009 were deleted –except phantom strips & links to Anupam’s blogs. :)
3. DMCA to HMIndia blog – here I’m waiting a copyright notice posted at DMCA notice site to file a official protest. Copyright owner will have to file a case against me or my 3 posts (119,120 &121) will be back. The advocate had not read FAIR USE POLICY law. :)))

For me it’s easier to sift blog at Russian or Chinese hosting sites where DMCA is joke. I told them many times to stop, but …. May be some tragedy they wish to enjoy in their life. :)))

but still didn’t get my answer.

I follow 2 simple rules in my life:
1. Always need to pay back debt with %.
2. Need to talk people in those languages which they understand.

Many of us know who are behind these incidents. Isn’t we? These guys had attacked me, still they didn’t get my answers. :)))

Shall I change my policy? :)))

They challenged to stop us posting IJC. I also decided that I’d stop only after completing my goals, i.e. Indrajal Comics (English) & ACK.

I can say, they touched the wrong person, put hand in bee nest. Who said, they attached in virtual world, fight would continue here only. May be we are closer than they consider. May be some real life problems they are going to face. Who knows? :)))

By the way, there is no such advocate company with such a name in Bangalore who claimed to represent BCCL. You can check too. :)))

Rafiq Raja said...

Need to talk people in those languages which they understand.

Well said Prabhat, I second you on that thought...

Pathar ke Jawab Pathar se hi dete hain. Yeha pe Gandhigiri nahi chalega :)

David said...

can u pleae post all the rapidshare files again in mediashare...not able to download any of the rapidshare files at alL!>>amazing job!!thanks a lot!!

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