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Monday, June 29, 2009

12 V24N02 - Jinda Maut

Mix version collectors attention please: It's 800 th Indrajal Comics online.

It's reprinted version of #132 which is available in English.

It's contributed by Ajay Misra. All thanks & credits goes to him.

V24N02-1987-Mandrake-Jinda Maut

Standard Resolution

Higher Resolution


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Old Man Mozz said...

looks like I am the first to comment on this post....already panting trying to catch up with your speed.....

Thanks Ajay and MunnaBhai.

ramanan said...

Congrats..800 comics...mind boggling..keep it up..fantastic effort
Congrats to all who have made you the Muttiah Muralitharan of Indrajal comics :)

Rafiq Raja said...

Congrats for 800th mark, and thanks for the comic too Ajay & MunnaBhai :)

No one can track it better than you guys. Hoping to hit the 1000 the mark soon. :)

Munna Bhai said...

Old Man Mozz: You are first indeed. Actually I'm posting slow, fewer comics than earlier. :)))

Munna Bhai said...

ramanan: Welcome! Real credit goes to contributors.

Munna Bhai said...

Rafiq Raja: Rafiq bhai! There are only 803 Indrajal Comics! If BCCL will print 197 more, it's possible.:)))

Rafiq Raja said...

Munna Bhai, I meant 1000th keeping in mind the different language editions of IJC :)

197 & BCCL.... hmm... that's a dream of everyone :)

Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

We already crossed the figure of 1000 if you mean all Indrajal Comics.
There are
790 English,
248 Hindi,
13 Bengali,
12 Guajarati
4 Marathi
= 1067 Indrajal Comics online.

Jai said...


Rafiq Raja said...

Oops... seems I had a short-sight and my concentration only on English versions :)

Thanks for the list Prabhat :)

MaNdrAke dudE said...

...and 1 Tamil Indrajal(V22 N6) scanned by SUNSHINE,way back in 2006 or so :))

so there are 1000++ Ijcs(on-line) of 6 difrent languages!! :))

Anonymous said...

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