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Saturday, June 27, 2009

17 Hindi Indrajal Comics Covers #1 to #150

In collection of Anurag Dixit only some Hindi Indrajal Comics are missing. Most probably he is the person who have largest numbers of Indrajal Comics in Hindi.
On request of Anurag Bhai sharing all available Hindi covers #1 to #150 contributed by him. Since a long time he likes to share his scans through only me.

He says: Sending you the cover pages of Hindi IJCs from # 1 to 150.
cover pages:
1,2,4,5 courtesy to Binay Pandey.
16,27,46,&85 courtesy to CW.
31,36,88,93 and 6 (which I replaced as it is better myself) courtesy to Ajay Misra.
Only 23 Hindi Covers are not available at present.
001 to 050 (only 14): 18, 20 , 21, 22, 30,33,35,37,39,40,42,43,44,49
001 to 050 (only 8): 52,54,56,58,60,62, 87, 96
100 to 150 (only 1): 104

Download Hindi Covers #101-#150

We are near to complete first round of Indrajal Comics posting. There are 789 out of 803 English Indrajal Comics Online. 247 Hindi Indrajal Comics are posted till today. Once people were requesting to post an Indrajal Comics, now digital collectors have more Indrajal Comics than many physical collectors who spent lot of time & money. And It happened due to sharing attitude of many persons.
  I’m active in field of Indrajal since Aug 2007 as collectors & since May 2008 as blogger, I noted 5 names who collectively contributed more than 97-98% Indrajal Comics in last 14 months, i.e. over 600 English and Hindi Indrajal Comics: Ajay Misra, Venkit, Anonymous, Ajnaabi, Anurag & Raj. One new star for Bengali Comics is active: Devil. I can say, he is truly BUSY PERSON in real life. Thanks friends! Thanks to all other persons who had scanned at least one Indrajal Comics!
Followings 14 Comics out of 803 English Indrajal Comics are not online:
272-1977-Miscellaneous-Mahabharata Part 1
278-1977-Miscellaneous-Mahabharata Part 2
V21N07-1984-Lt.Drake-The Mantle of Mystery
V21N52-1984-Phil Corrigan-The Frozen Death
V22N46-1985-Phantom-The Ghost's Fury
V23N22-1986-Bahadur-The Vortex of Crime
V24N02-1987-Mandrake -The Island of No Return
V24N37-1987-Bahadur-The Preying Ravens
V25N03-1988-Bahadur-The Call of the Valley
V25N11-1988-Bahadur-The Fire of Vengeance
V25N32-1988-Mandrake-The Maze of Deceit
V25N41-1988-Bahadur-The Dreaded Fugitive
V26N32-1989-Flash-The Deadly Intrigue
V26N34-1989-Dara-The Veiled Secret
Mix version (Hindi & English) collectors need followings 5 Comics only:
272-1977-Miscellaneous-Mahabharata Part 1
278-1977-Miscellaneous-Mahabharata Part 2
V24N02-1987-Mandrake -The Island of No Return
V24N37-1987-Bahadur-The Preying Ravens
V26N32-1989-Flash-The Deadly Intrigue
Will the show over? No, following 15 second story missing issues are in pipeline:
431-1982-Mandrake-The Magician's Challenge Part I
432-1982-Mandrake-The Magician's Challenge Part II
V20N47-1983-Phantom-The Stalking Fury
V23N32-1986-Mandrake-The Trials of Valour Part I
V23N33-1986-Mandrake-The Trials of Valour Part II
V23N35-1986-Phantom-The Sparks of Betrayal Part I
V23N36-1986-Phantom-The Sparks of Betrayal Part II
V23N37-1986-Phantom-The Sparks of Betrayal Part III
V24N29-1987-Mandrake-The Headless Figure Part I
V24N30-1987-Mandrake-The Headless Figure Part II
V25N01-1988-Phantom-Journey of the Emerald Island Part I
V25N02-1988-Phantom-Journey to the Emerald Island Part II
V25N31-1988-Mandrake-Claws of the Killer Part II
V26N05-1989-Phantom-Sting of the Viper Part I
V26N06-1989-Phantom-Sting of the Viper Part II
And V25N17-1988-Bahadur-The Savage Outlaws is coming in better quality.
P.S.: Mostly Indrajal Comics are scanned, soon I’ll clean and upload.
Obviously many more will be rescanned which are available in low resolutions. Hindi & Bengali Indrajal Comics are in safe hands, some friends will certainly continue. Hoping some more will join hands with them to share the TIMELESS TREASURE. However behaviour of friendly visitors, copycats and fake copyrights claimers will play important role.
Can we say?
Neighbor's Disturbers’ envy, Owner’s Friends’ pride.


King Viswa said...

Munna Bhai,

Some of the Missing books in the English are with me. will send a mail on this.

Yours Old Time Buddy Circuit.

King Viswa.
Carpe Diem.
50th Special Post

Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

King Viswa: Thanks for offer! I have all in English, I'm taking about Hindi covers.

King Viswa said...

Munna Bhai,

In that case, that's fine.

ramanan said...

Hi Munna Bhai
Congrats to you and all who have made this possible. I have been greatly benefited by your service. Hope the English series is completed in the near future.
All the best

Simple person in a complex world said...

Hi Mummna Bhai,

Thanks a lot for the efforts. Hope IJC collection will soon be complete.

Old Man Mozz said...

Hi Munna,
I have not been to this blog for sometime and suddenly I was overwhelmed by the amount of posts that has been posted so far...I have spent the whole of today just downloading all of them.

Incredible ...looking forward to having all IJC. Thanks to each and everyone of you - TCP for lighting the flame and then Munna, Prabhat, Ajay Misra, Venkit, Ajnaabi, Anurag, Raj, Devil, Sameer Prabhune for keeping the flame burning..



hats off to you dear Prabhat and your team, it is a dream come true, Now we are almost completing al IJCs

Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

ramanan: Very soon we'll have all. I'm also interested to complete as soon as possible and take rest for sometimes.

Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

Simple person in a complex world: Very soon, these all will be online.

Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

Old Man Mozz: TCP was ahead of time. His intensity and quality of posts is unmatchable.

Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

JYOTHI KUMAR: As all started working as team, avoiding duplications, this process was accelerated with geometric progression.

ramanan said...

Hi Munna Bhai
Thanks for the reassuring words. You and others really need the rest for the yeoman service for the rest (could not resist the pun!) like us.

A small request for a big job: Once you have all the English versions online, is it possible to update the Excel sheet (which has a list of all comics) with a column giving the mediafire link (for both Standard and High resolutions) so that we not only have a complete datbase but also can access that much more easily. And I hope the links would be up soon :)
Once again a zillion thanks to all you wonderful guys/gals

Rafiq Raja said...

Munna Bhai, what a splendid job by you and fellow scanners. No one can boast of enough to have served the comics lovers better than your team.

I thank TCP to have started this revolution, and Munna Bhai who streamlined it into a team effort.

Kudos, to you, and I am going to enjoy those Hindi covers package.

You rightly said, Disturber's Envy, Friends Pride :)


inderjal comics world said...



Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

@inderjal comics: You are most welcome to join us! For Indrajal can use this blog & for Diamond bookscomics.

Anjan Kumar said...

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Anjan Kumar said...

inderjal & other comics for sale plz call 9920308754

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