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Sunday, May 17, 2009

MUNNA BHAI CHALE BENGALURU - Indrajal Countdown Continues

Hello Friends!

This part of program is brought to you by your friend - Shall I tell my name? "YOU KNOW MY NAME", isn't. :)

The name of this episode is "MUNNA BHAI CHALE BENGALURU". Rest Indrajal Comics will be posted from OUR famous Advocate's office. I joined HIS company to be under his protection. My contact details are true as his Law Company and his authority representing BCCL. If such a company exists, then I'm also a his working personal & a lawyer. :)

If he finds, I'm working in his company. Guess what he will do? Our friendly “Mr. Advocate” will file a case against himself & his company. After all, I'm his staff. :)

NOTE: No offence to original copyrights holder, and DMCA. Not only visitors, but mostly persons we contacted, have same opinion, the company which is claiming  as representative of BCCL, does not exits. Even in Bangalore, we are unable to find any details about such Law Company. May be they are existing in parallel world, in our world no trace. We are fans of Indrajal Comics which is not printing more than 19 years, not offenders. If really BCCL does not wish to see these online, we will coperate. Our emails for contact are available.

We hope, next time the complaint will be checked carefully. Statistics shows over 60% claims are made by unauthorized persons.

Some promised Indrajal Comics Part 1.

Followings are either first time available at net or new better and complete versions of earlier posted. These all are worth for downloading TODAY. Tomorrow never comes.

090-1969-Mandrake-Pratisodh (HINDI) - English version is available online.
Standard Resolution

276-1977-Bahadur-The Murderous Trio (NEW SCANS)

Standard Resolution or Higher Resolution

317-1979-Phantom-The Phantom Weds (NEW SCANS)

Standard Resolution or Higher Resolution

388-1981-Lt.Drake-Betrayal of the Oath

Standard Resolution or Higher Resolution

390-1981-Phantom-The Smugglers Ring Part I (NEW SCANS)

Standard Resolution or Higher Resolution

391-1981-Phantom-The Smugglers Ring Part II (NEW SCANS)

Standard Resolution or Higher Resolution

V20N19-1983-Phantom-The Phantom's Valiant Son Part I (NEW Complete)

Standard Resolution or Higher Resolution

V20N20-1983-Phantom-The Phantom's Valiant Son Part II (NEW Complete)

Standard Resolution or Higher Resolution

V20N25-1983-Flash-Adventure on Venusport (NEW Complete)

Standard Resolution or Higher Resolution

V20N44-1983-Mandrake-The Man-hunting Witch (New Complete)

Standard Resolution or Higher Resolution

V22N02-1985-Mandrake-Night Visitors from the Sky

Standard Resolution or Higher Resolution

V22N23-1985-Mandrake-The Predator Star

Higher Resolution

V22N39-1985-Mandrake-The Claws of Treachery

Higher Resolution

These are Ajay's contribution.

All thoughts we can share at PBC's blog. Comments option is off for this post. There was objection to post IJC at that url, but thoughts not. Once again repeating, we will fulfill BCCL 's demands, if they have objections. But, we are not going to drop project at demand of failure person(s) in life/blogging, when only few Indrajal Comics remain to post.

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